A one-on-one leadership coaching engagement with comprehensive support.

Break your cycle of reacting and finally feel in control of your time AND team!

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Hey entrepreneur/ executive/ leader/ whatever you call yourself - it doesn't matter.

I'm normally not a doomsday person, but we need to talk about how many balls you juggle.

We need to talk about like what's going on with your schedule, for example:

  • You sometimes wake up at 4 am worried that you have missed something that you maybe forgot to add to your to-do list.
  • You struggle to fit in any personal time, and your health is being compromised because you cannot stop working.
  • You can never take REAL time off. Your phone always has to be on, and you end up feeling guilty if you don’t reply to emails immediately.
  • You never have time to be strategic, take a step back, and build processes.
  • ON TOP of everything on your plate, you are still working on projects that should have been completed months ago.

You have a million moving pieces and are barely catching the balls right in front of your face.

You either need to change something now, or you will end up in the hospital (and further and further away from why you started your business and what you LOVE doing). 

And I'm not trying to be a fear-monger.

What exactly do you have to do to work less and get more done? Keep reading to learn more.


(You may fit into one or see yourself in a bit of both)

🔥 Badass Firefighting Boss

  • You prefer practical strategies and no fluff, but you recognize it might be time for something a little different.
  • You are constantly being featured in the press and winning awards, but it is getting harder to sustain your business’ progress as you accept accolades and funding.
  • You have tons of opportunities floating your way, but you never can follow through and can only concentrate on what is directly in front of you today.
  • You can attract amazing talent, but they don't seem to last very long, costing you money and leaving you (and your business) in a lurch constantly.

🧑🏿‍🤝‍🧑🏻 Well-Connected but Over Extended Founder

  • You have gotten this far on your own and can figure out anything (you might be reading this, rolling your eyes, and telling yourself you are too entrepreneurial or busy for reflections and silly questions).
  • You have a tribe/ army of mentors, investors, and peers you can reach out to, but you still feel like you are not being heard.
  • You already have plenty of personal development work to do, but you are starting to realize that you need more accountability than reading a book or attending a one-off leadership seminar.
  • You have NO problem taking a holiday, but you work the entire time, annoying your partner and kids.
  • You would rather spend money training your team, but you are starting to see that you need support to get to the next level too.

Does any of this sound familiar?

In either case, the next step is the same:

Leverage your innate personality to learn how to prioritize and maximize your time AND team.



...and what got you here will not get you to where you want to go


  • You wake up predictably and energized every morning and have time to clear your head before the day starts (fresh air, exercise, meditation, whatever resonates with you)
  • You have routines, systems, and rituals in place to keep your personal life humming along (childcare, housekeeping, morning routines, all of it)
  • You know precisely how to start your workday, including a routine that makes you feel ‘in control’ rather than immediately firefighting (this might look like setting your top three priorities for the day versus answering emails.)
  • You have control over when you talk to your team members throughout the day and have defined time to get focused work done (no more immediately reacting to Slack *pings*)
  • You are NOT the go-to person for questions; team members take initiative and solve their own problems.
  • You have a clear ‘end of your workday’ and wrapping up your day early is a common occurrence for you because you have abundant time to work on your growing business.
  • You trust other people on your team (and in your personal life) to solve problems and ‘put out fires.’
  • You have wind down and personal time in the evening after work. For example, family time with kids and the fact that you don’t just pass out from exhaustion after a glass of wine or watching one Netflix show.

Morgan increased her revenue and was able to expand her team while managing them remotely.

...In my business:

  • I've hired technical experts who have the skills I needed to get to the next stage and continue to reach out to experts.
  • I've put management structures in place to create a more systematic process and hired an operations assistant to support these structures
  • I increased sales through events and focused on e-commerce strategies
  • Finally, I've identified and begun new goals for [the next year] and a manageable approach towards meeting them. 
  • I was also able to spend 2 months managing my team in Ghana remotely. I never thought that would be possible and it really worked.

Morgan K., Founder & CEO, Ghana & US

More Client Feedback can be found here.

Are you ready to be a successful entrepreneur/ executive/ leader that has their sh*t together?


Hi, Akua here 👋🏽

I am going to help you to get more done in less time. But it is not what you think it is.

I work with entrepreneurial-minded leaders who have a million balls up in the air and are utterly overwhelmed by the thought of any (or all) balls dropping. So I help them clarify where they should focus their time and energy each day.

Why? I provide the support I wish I had as a first-time co-founder and managing director launching and scaling a high-growth startup. I know firsthand what it takes to connect with the right people to build tech-enabled businesses and teams from the ground up.

By leveraging my innate personality through increasing my self-awareness, I have gone from a city planning graduate to a startup executive to a certified coach and speaker 🤯.

As a leader, I’ve gone from doing the work myself to managing teams to managing managers.

Outside of my coaching and speaking engagements, I have set boundaries and manage a small team to create time to be a regular mentor, coach, and judge for various entrepreneurship-focused organizations, including Stanford Seed, Google for Startups, Arlan's Academy, Founders Institute, Seedstars, African Business Heroes, FemGems, The Coaching Fellowship, and the Google #IamRemarkable initiative.

You cannot continue to allow your work and business to take over your entire life.

It is time to be reacquainted with your hobbies and friends by (re)building your team and (re)establishing boundaries.

Click the button below to complete my form so we can jump on a call now



Over 6 sessions, we will use the SEE-Better Method to take you from feeling like an overwhelmed fraud to an inspiring proactive leader in the driver's seat of their time (and team).

The Proactive Leader is NOT one more thing to add to your already full plate.

That's what reactive leaders think.

What my clients know is that my one-on-one support will help them:

  • Create space on your calendar so you can properly train your team and still have time to join your friends for drinks after work.
  • Stop hemorrhaging money on overpriced contractors because you cannot attract and retain talent or on having to fire people that are not adding to your bottom line.
  • Never use your business as an excuse to miss your daughter's dance recital.
  • Never have to pull an all-nighter because you have your sh*t together.
  • Always have time to delegate and meet investor reporting deadlines without any excuses.

The Proactive Leader will help you (re)prioritize and eliminate things on your plate.


We connect on Zoom every 2 weeks for 6 sessions and go through the S.E.E.-Better Method:

SEE Better Method
SEE Step 1 Self-Awareness

Step 1: Cultivate Self-Awareness

This step is all about identifying your personality and outlining your approach to productivity so you can lean into your abilities and can get more done with the time you decide to work.

Together we will:

  • Build your Leadership Blueprint by identifying your personality through a highly validated assessment.  
  • Complete a Responsibility Inventory to determine where you are spending your time and energy.

Step 1 will help you go from...

  • Jumping from one task to another without reflecting on whether you are the best person to complete that responsibility 
  • Taking unorganized action because you do not have the time and space to build out a simple plan
  • Spending time on non-essential tasks that are not getting you or your business any closer to your goals


  • Leverage and articulate your personality strengths to be more effective in the tasks you chose to complete
  • Take control of who you are in your business so you can secure win-win opportunities
  • Delegate or outsource tasks that get in the way of your more strategic tasks.

SEE Step 2 Engagement

Step 2: Simplify Engagement

This step is all about people and refining how you operate so you can effectively leverage your stakeholders to reduce team turnover, improve productivity and efficiency, retain customers at a higher rate, and make more profits.

Together we will:

  • Flesh out your Standard Operating Procedures to manage conflict and any challenges.
  • Use Conversation Principles and my Pre-Meeting Prep Method to increase your chance of creating win-win opportunities with stakeholders.
  • Use an Acknowledgement Matrix to learn what keeps you (and your team) moving forward so that you don’t burn out.

Step 2 will help you go from...

  • Walking into situations blindly and expecting others to be just like you - have the same desires, interests, and wants.
  • Not taking the time to learn about members of your team or stakeholders because you do not have the time or resources.


  • Identify your typical approach to managing conflict and making decisions so you are able to lead your team effectively and it runs like a well oiled machine. 
  • Show up for meetings motivated, driven, confident and able to react effectively.

SEE Step 3 Expectations

Step 3: Achieve & Exceed Expectations

This step is all about performance and will overhaul how you set and exceed your goals so you can trigger new behaviors, guide your focus and help you sustain the momentum we have built working together.

Together we will:

  • Use my Delegation Code so you can delegate effectively, and have the freedom and confidence to have a staycation. 
  • Create a 90-day Master Plan so you know what you are doing every day of the week.

Step 3 will help you go from...

  • Allowing anyone and everyone to have access to your energy, and calendar
  • Trying to do all the work by yourself while being afraid of delegating and investing in experts
  • Using your professional responsibilities as an excuse to miss important family events and connect with friends


  • Learn how to set boundaries, and select the priorities that will boost your business.
  • Learn how to define tasks and responsibilities so you are confident handing them off to your team or experts


  • One 90-Minute Goal & Expectations Setting Session
  • Five 1-Hour Coaching Sessions
  • Session Recordings and Transcripts
  • Session Notes
  • Weekly Accountability Check-in (WhatsApp or Email)
  • The Proactive Leader Vault full of productivity and leadership-focused worksheets and resources
  • Onboarding & Offboarding Questionnaire

PLUS, on top of The Proactive Leader Vault, clients receive BONUS access to the following:

[BONUS] Uplevel Your LinkedIn For Thought Leaders [$3,597 Value]: This step-by-step course provides all the templates and worksheets you need to update and complete your LinkedIn profile and build your LinkedIn presence without stress. I will teach you my three-step process and share all my secrets so you can authentically master your thought leadership and expand your network effortlessly.

[BONUS] The Most Complete Time-Management (and Burnout Prevention) Training [$1,500 Value]: No one teaches us how to make the most of our time and energy. This comprehensive training takes leaders through a series of activities to positively shift their relationship with time and, ultimately, money. The three-part program includes the following modules: Shift Your Relationship with Time, Eliminate Interruptions & Distractions and Break Burnout & Excel.

[BONUS] The Business of an Information-Based Business [$397 Value]: Interested in launching a coaching or consulting business? Save time and money by going through this mini-course based on my experience. This course walks through ALL the elements you need to keep in mind to launch your information-based business.

[BONUS] Have You Earned the Right to Lead? A Players Don't Work for B Leaders [$297 Value]: This course will completely shift how you approach leadership. You will learn to identify and eliminate assumptions that are getting in the way of building a more productive (and profitable) relationship with yourself AND others. This course is included in Arlan Hamilton's online entrepreneur academy.

[BONUS] Goal Setting Workshop [$199 Value]: Poor expectation setting is the number one reason leaders, and their teams cannot hit and exceed goals. This workshop goes through the key elements all leaders should consider when selecting and sharing goals.

[BONUS] Thought Leadership Masterclass [$197 Value]: Thousands of leaders have benefited from this actionable masterclass focused on leveraging the largest social media platform focused on providing economic opportunities, LinkedIn. Additionally, this masterclass has been presented at the largest gathering of coaches, the International Coaching Federation Converge Conference.

[BONUS] Mindfulness for Busy Business Owners [$197 Value]:  Learning to make the most of your present is the best way to ensure you have a more productive and profitable future. This actionable masterclass includes ten techniques you can implement right away to get more done in less time.

+ Additional free or discounted invitations to upcoming live workshops, programs, and ongoing leadership coaching.


The SEE-Better Method is a proven framework that will help you go from reactive to focused.

No longer “winging it” and beginning each day with a relevant to-do list directing your time and energy allowing you to become an inspiring and go-to thought leader that makes more money, builds a successful business, AND has a personal life that is rich, abundant and adventure-filled.

The investment for The Proactive Leader is:

4 monthly payments of $800*


a one-time payment of $3,000*

*depending on where you live there might be additional VAT or Taxes.


Please Note: I get deeply immersed with helping my 1:1 clients optimize their time and energy and only work with a few leaders at a time. (The application only takes 5 minutes and there is no obligation to invest)

Beyond the mental and physical costs of overwhelm to you, your lack of foresight is costing your team.  Every time you lose someone you incur the following costs:

  • Cost of hiring a new person // You and your team have to advertise, interview and screen new hires.
  • Cost of onboarding a new person // You and your team have to train and manage that new hire.
  • Lost of productivity // Your new team member may take 1 - 2 years to reach the productivity of the existing person.
  • Lost of engagement and psychological safety // Other team members who see turnover are more likely to disengage and lose productivity.
  • Errors and mistakes // New employees take longer to complete tasks and are often less capable of solving problems by themselves.
  • Training cost // Over 2-3 years you are likely to invest 10-20% of an employee’s salary or more into training and that is ALL gone when they leave.
  • Negative cultural impact // Whenever someone leaves team members start to ask questions and reflect on their position.

Source: Josh Bersin, Deloitte

You can’t and shouldn’t do this alone.

Complete the form below to stop hemorrhaging time, money and energy




I know you are busy...and that is kind of the point.

I know you are busy doing the wrong things.  

For example:

I know you are busy…

...DISTRACTED and not focused on your priorities.

…NOT making the most of your team in your personal and professional life.

…WORRYING about missing an important deadline or project. 

That is the problem. 

If nothing changes.

Nothing changes. 

You are currently firefighting, stressed out, losing sleep, and feeling like a failure in your position.  I get it.  I know you can’t add anything else to your plate which is why this coaching program is designed to help take things off your plate. You will ONLY need to commit to attending our sessions and implementing your learnings.  Each session will save hours every week for the rest of your career. During our sessions, we will work through your specific issues and challenges that will save you even more time.  All of our sessions will also be recorded so you can re-watch them in your own time.  You will need a total of 2 -3 hours a week during our engagement, depending on what you want to implement to go from overwhelmed to focused. 

This is not more work.  This is the work.


This is an essential business cost.  If you run a business you have to invest in yourself.  If there is no you, then there is no business. You cannot expect to get the best performance from yourself if you're not investing in overcoming the key issues that are stopping you from succeeding. 

Can you afford the costs of poor leadership?

Disengaged team, high employee turnover, low productivity, bad decisions, unhappy customers? 

No, you can’t.

Great leaders create time to strategize on reducing costs, build new lines of revenue and hire the right people to improve customer satisfaction.

Great leaders can effectively navigate challenging times, respond rapidly in unpredictable business environments, and to world events.

Great leaders invest in their personal growth.

An overwhelmed manager will NEVER attract or retain high-performing and engaged employees or clients.

What is being a great leader with clear priorities worth to you?

It is probably worth thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of dollars in increased opportunities and real progress on your business goals.

If spending $3k to change the course of your business (and life) is not something that is aligned with you then it is going to be really difficult for you to excel.

If you doubt that you (and your work) are valuable enough to invest in, let me just tell you something I wish I was told many years ago when I first started and felt alone – asking for help is not a weakness, and your work AND you are worth it.  Let me show you how you can save time, money, and resources.


Can you do this later?  

Your business is suffering every single day if you're operating at 50%. You simply cannot afford to wait as it is damaging your business, company morale, potential opportunities, and profits.  I want you to consider what impact putting this work off has on your business and career.  

You cannot ride far on a deflated tire.

Now is the time to act! Not later when you’re even more overwhelmed, overworked and your team and business have suffered.

Also, I only work with a few 1:1 clients at a time and will not be offering coaching at this price forever.  


You will have a great sense of the program by the time you read this page and complete the application process. 

Once you submit the form, my team will also let you know if you are a good fit or not.  If you are still unsure, our Chemistry Call will give us each an opportunity to connect and see if we are a good fit. 


Having structure is more effective than having one session or random sessions here and there. 

Having the 3-month commitment will give us an opportunity to plan out our engagement and have an agreed-upon coaching plan. In 3 months you will have time to cultivate your awareness, experiment with different approaches, and see results.  You will have set times that you will be meeting with me which means you will not have to worry about creating time for our work and you will be held accountable for your progress.  If you don’t know if you can commit to 6 sessions over 3 months, please do not apply for coaching with me.



I developed the SEE-Better Method with the ‘pre-leader’ (high achieving individual contributor or founder who was reluctant to delegate) me in mind and everything I needed even BEFORE I got to a place of feeling confident in my ability to get things done and make the most of others. I have lived experience with overcoming feeling like a fraud and being unwilling to let go of control to get the support I needed to take my career and business to the next level.  You might not feel like a leader or not have the leadership title yet but after working with me you will have all the tools you need to lead yourself AND others.


Yes. I work with leaders ALL AROUND the world.

I believe that my clients are the expert in their lives and regions. My role is to facilitate, support, and point out when they are inconsistent with what they have shared as their vision. I have had the privilege of working with leaders (and their teams) in the US, Europe, Africa and even have had a few conversations with leaders in Oceania.



I even put together a post to help you with asking your boss/employer/etc. for support here. Please keep in mind my business (Akua N.M. & Company LLC) is registered in the United States, and payments made will be to a U.S.-based business bank account. I accept cards or electronic bank transfers as payment.



My clients have ranged from CEOs of high-growth startups to a self-employed data consultant who did not consider herself an entrepreneur. I use the word ‘team’ widely. For the majority of my clients, their ‘team’ includes their friends and family. Even if you consider yourself a ‘solopreneur’ you engage with other stakeholders and need to effectively lead yourself.

It doesn't matter if you're a relationship coach, welling-being consultant, or VP the method to optimize your time and team is the same.

Have any additional questions? Please DM me on Linkedin here.

From low employee engagement to higher levels of motivation.

I got in touch with Akua because I wanted to get additional insight on how to get and keep my employees motivated.  Before our conversations, I had low employee engagement and was feeling frustrated.  I had tried to ensure my staff were more engaged through weekly and monthly review meetings. After speaking with Akua, I was enlightened and more knowledgeable.  I have been able to leverage knowledge about my staff’s personality traits and what they care about into higher engagement. If you are thinking about working with Akua, I would definitely recommend you go ahead and do just that. There's a lot to learn from her."

H.D, Managing Director, Nigeria

More Client Feedback can be found here.


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Hi! I haven’t introduced myself properly yet. In case you don’t know me, I am Akua (you can also call me Aqua) Nyame-Mensah. I am a certified executive and leadership coach, recognized facilitator, speaker, and host of the Open Door Conversations Podcast.

I have been supporting leaders for over four years now.  I love being able to create a safe space for them to build their own approach to making the most of themselves, their work, and their life.

I am an International Coaching Federation (ICF) certified coach focused on supporting leaders to increase their productivity, improve their performance, and profitability, and most importantly build better relationships with their people.

My coaching experience started way before being trained in it.  I spent over four years building an online platform and teams from the ground up for a high-growth start-up for the first African-based tech unicorn. I have always been involved in supporting others so they can make the most of their strengths and have seen first-hand how the right support can drive real results in a leader’s personal and professional life.

My coaching is a combination of 'traditional' coaching approaches with leadership psychology (I have a leadership-focused MBA), neuroscience, emotional intelligence research and sometimes I sprinkle in a few spiritual modalities. (I also have a masters from the University of Pennsylvania and a B.A. from Bryn Mawr College that I hardly use 😂)

When I first was given the opportunity to build a business I felt alone. I had no one I could turn to and trusted no one to support me.  I felt like asking for help and taking breaks would make me look weak.  It took nearly burning out twice to realize that I needed to shift my approach to not just working but my life.

I work to remind leaders that they are not alone. Let’s work on it together and overcome overwhelm which can make it difficult to ask for help and lead to burnout.


  • How long have you spent feeling like you are not in control of your time, energy, and resources?
  • How many times have you caught yourself thinking that you are a #HorribleBoss who doesn’t know where to focus or how to stop procrastinating?
  • How many times have you seen a confident leader and thought “I wish I felt like them” or “I wish I was as good as them”?
  • How many times have you looked at decisive leaders guiding their team and stakeholders with envy?
  • How many things have you not done, how many opportunities have you missed, and how many times have you said “yes” only to realize you have no time on your calendar?

If you answered more than once a day, it is taking up too much of your time.




Complete the form here. The form includes questions about where you are right now and what you want to get from working with me. It will take you 5-10 minutes to complete.



Within 3 working days, my team will review your responses and make a decision on whether we think you could be a good fit to work together. We will then email you telling you:

(1) That we don’t think you’ll be a good fit


(2) We think you could be a good fit and we will send you a calendar to schedule a 30-minute call to confirm we will work well together



You will pick a time for our 30-minute Zoom call. On the call, I will ask you follow-up questions and you will have time to ask any questions you have. 



At the end of our call, I will make a decision on whether I think I can support you. If you would like to proceed, the first session will be booked and your payment will be processed. If Akua doesn’t think you are a good fit she will refer you to other resources or service providers in her network.



  • Self-Motivated Business Owners who are tired of their lack of clarity and inaction.
  • Growth-Minded Founders who want to transition from doing the work themselves to empowering their team to get things done.
  • Ambitious Entrepreneurs who are ready to ask for help and clarify where they should focus their time and energy each day.
  • Multi-Passionate Intrapreneurs who are so done with feeling disrespected and undervalued by their team and stakeholders..


  • Bullying Business Owners who blame their team and busyness for their lack of vision.
  • Frantic Founders who think that their time is too valuable for reflection and to coach their team.
  • Erratic Entrepreneurs who prefer winging it and taking unorganized action because they refuse to create time to plan.
  • Idle Intrapreneurs who don’t want to do the work and prefer to keep putting off their dreams.

If you think you are a good fit, then click the button below and let's jump on a call


From anxious to working towards peace of mind

Before...I felt anxious and stressed...about work. Even though I was busy all the time, I knew I was not motivated to do what I was doing. I was working for my work and unsure about what goal or vision I had for myself.

...I understand that I am responsible for defining my vision and I am responsible for mapping out a plan that aligns with my vision…I am excited about the fact that I can summarize my overall vision into a statement: I am in control of my career, personal life, and quality of life all of which I am working towards achieving peace of mind…"

H.O, International Development Consultant, Nigeria

More Client Feedback can be found here.


Stay overwhelmed: You can absolutely toss and turn some more trying to figure out everything on your own with no guidance, training, or support.


Take control of your success: You can join the ONLY program that supports leaders with this transition through a step-by-step process to end overwhelm and find your focus to achieve your goals.  Be the leader that has their sh*t together.


Click the button below and let's talk now.

Please note: Leadership Coaching is not a replacement for traditional therapy or health advice.  It is not intended to be used by someone with acute burnout or with severe mental illness. If you need medical support, please see your doctor or mental health care professional.